Portable Goalpost Safety

Clubs, associations, coaches, officials, committee members, volunteers and parents are reminded of the importance of Anchoring, Checking and Respecting portable football goalposts, after growing concerns worldwide following the deaths of a 9-year old boy and two other children in separate incidents in the USA in 2017 from falling portable goalposts.

Unsecured and unstable portable football goals have been associated with at least 43 deaths and a range of serious injuries worldwide, including Australia. The safety concerns mainly lie with those that weigh 28 kilograms or more.

If you’re involved in football and moveable goalposts are used, it is important to ensure they’re anchored securely and correctly into the ground, and then checked that they are stable before they’re used. If they’re not safe, don’t use them.  Portable goals should also be secured safely when not in use, to ensure they cannot tip over.

In preparation for the upcoming football season, all clubs, associations, coaches and volunteers should refer to the FNSW Goalpost Safety Notice and Policy and other important goalpost safety information.

Football NSW Goalpost Safety Notice

Football NSW Goalpost Safety Policy

ACCC Goalpost Safety Information

Fair Trading Regulation 2007 (Div.20)

FFA Anchor, Check, Respect Goalpost Safety Video