Latest Research on Recycled Rubber for Synthetic Sports Fields Summarised in New Smart Guide to Synthetic Sports Fields Rubber Infill

Australia continues to embrace the use of synthetic sports field technology to address the growing demand for more recreational and sports fields to offset the natural grass fields that are being over-used in many cities.

Some communities have shown concern with the use of recycled rubber infill with media programs, focussing on specific aspects as reason why not to have the synthetic fields.

Martin Sheppard, Managing Director of Smart Connection Consultancy is one of Australia’s leading specialist advisors on synthetic sports turf and has completed a review of the latest global research in to the safety of rubber infills.

The publication, the Smart Guide to Synthetic Sports Fields Rubber Infill addresses the key questions around the health, safety and environmental impacts of recycled crumb rubber known generally known as SBR.  The Smart Guide explains the different type of infills, and the top questions asked.  The Smart Guide cuts to the chase and references dozens of independent studies and research from the past decade to provide government, sport, education and community groups confidence in the infill.

In addition, it suggests approaches for alternative rubbers, plastics and organic infill that should also be considered and the regulations that should adopted in Australia when considering synthetic sports fields and the infills being used.

The Smart Guide to Synthetic Sports Fields Rubber Infill is available free of charge and can be downloaded at


Further Information:

Smart Connection Consultancy is a leading independent Australian sport and recreation consultancy working with State/Territory and local governments, sport and the education sector in the planning, management and procurement of synthetic fields.

Smart Connection Consultancy has established itself as a primary source of information on synthetic sports turf with its Managing Director, Martin Sheppard writing the award winning Smart Guide to Synthetic Sport Surfaces (3rd Edition – 2014).

Martin is the Technical Consultant for the Australian Rugby Union, the National Rugby League, Football Federation Australia, Football NSW and AFL NSW/ACT and provides advice to various Football Federations and over 100 Councils.  Smart Connection Consultancy has been responsible for providing advice to the majority of successful synthetic fields in Australia and has procured over $100m of synthetic sports fields in Australia.


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Smart Connection Consultancy

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