Grass Field Maintenance

This Grass Field Maintenance Guide is an invaluable document for all football clubs, associations and local councils seeking to keep their playing surfaces in the best possible condition while achieving that goal cost efficiently.

Many clubs rely on their local councils for maintenance of their grounds and it is strongly advised clubs establish a relationship and stay in close communication with them to remain proactive in the treatment of the soil and grass which can preserve the playing surface and save a lot of money in the long run.

Adverse weather, which can cause the postponement or cancellation of games and training due to the deterioration of the surface, are conditions all football clubs have to contend with but with a dedicated plan it is possible to reduce the incidence of forced cancellations and maintain a quality playing surface.

The Grass Field Maintenance Guide allows clubs and councils to stay a step ahead of the game with a 12 month plan that anticipates potential problems and gives clear advice about the correct timing and type of maintenance that permits stakeholders to achieve best practice outcomes.

High traffic on limited playing spaces is a problem faced by many football clubs however with diligent soil and grass treatment combined with judicious use of grounds playing fields can be better maintained, avoiding expensive returfing and top dressing.

It is Football NSW’s responsibility to continue to development the game and a key part of that role is to help clubs and associations throughout the state to sustain grass playing fields in the best condition possible.

The following document, compiled by Turf Agronomist David Worrad B.Sc. Agr, is an easy-to-read, practical guide to grass field maintenance. If further information is required you are invited to contact the Football NSW Facilities Department.