Football Facilities Newsletter 2 Online

The second Facilities Newsletter produced by the NSW Facilities Unit, a joint venture between Football NSW and Northern NSW Football, is now officially online.

The unit has been set up to provide state-wide advice and information to all football stakeholders, with the aim of improving the football experience through improved facilities for all 420,000 participants in the state.

In this edition you’ll find a wealth of information, including information on NSW Asian Cup 2015 Legacy Fund, development projects updates and funding news.

Click here for October Newsletter

Feel free to contact Football NSW to at any time with feedback or any facilities-related questions.

The Facilities Unit

Ricardo Piccioni Tel 1300 213 771 or 02 8814 4412

Jas Virdee Tel 1300 213 771 or 02 8814 4453

Daniel Ristic  Tel 1300 213 771 or 02 8814 4451

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