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Football Facilities Audit

The Football Facilities audit will help to capture facilities data whilst analysing every football facility used in NSW and ACT, with an objective to contribute towards meeting the future needs of football. This audit process aims to create a complete, current and accessible (online) database of all outdoor football venues that will allow Football to drive venue planning and facility improvement programs, thereby justifying strategic investment and prioritises stakeholder resources through detailed location intelligence.

The audit process will be dependent upon the support of the football community to provide factual data upon which future decision making can be made. The Football Facilities Audit will call upon the football community and various levels of government to complete the provide data as part of the collection of data phase.

The knowledge and insight in respect to community sporting facilities will play a key role in the disclosure of accurate data relating to football sites that are used for playing and training.

Our aim is to grow, develop and promote the game by building, protecting and enhancing sustainable football facilities.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the Football Facilities Audit?

The Football Facilities Audit is a collaborative venture between Football NSW, Northern NSW Football and Capital Football. This initiative is designed to establish what existing facilities football utilises and the future facility needs of football across the state. The audit will capture the most up to date set of facility data from 1,200+ facilities and will be the catalyst for developing future facility audits in each state and territory for Football Federation Australia.

Why is the audit being conducted?

Football NSW, Northern NSW and Capital Football have engaged with insideEDGE to gain a thorough understanding of the football landscape within each of the member federations boundaries. The information captured in this audit will assist, the 3-member federations, associations and zones across the state and most importantly every single football club to accomplish the following:

  • Helps stakeholders to better understand existing sporting assets
  • Connects facility supply with current use and projected demand
  • Builds organisational knowledge and industry capacity
  • Measures provision against documented standards and requirements
  • Monitors and evaluates the changing facility landscape
  • Justifies and prioritises investment into facility renewal and development
  • Provides a live updating online system for instant reporting and analysis
  • Highlights management, capacity, usage and access inefficiencies
  • Connects to GIS and data analytics to create evidence based decision making
  • Build strategy and infrastructure investment platforms


How will the audit be conducted?

The audit will be conducted digitally via the Sports Facility Auditor system. This system can be used to audit facilities onsite (primary) or alternatively via desktop (secondary). The purpose of this system is to capture football facilities data so that site audits can be completed in an efficient, cost-effective and reliable manner.

Depending upon if your local football association has the capacity to help assist clubs with the auditing process, log in details to the auditing software will be sent either directly to the local football association or respective club. The audit of a regular size facility (1 fields and an amenity building).

When will I receive my log in details to the auditing software?

Log in details to the auditing system will be sent on Tuesday, 10 April 2018 via email to the nominated club, association or zone delegate.

What do I do if I have issues with using the auditing software on site?

You can print off a copy of the audit and complete the paper based audit on site. This data can then be uploaded onto a computer later.

When can I audit my facility?

The auditing window will open on Tuesday, 10 April 2018 and close on Thursday, 31 May 2018.

Will local councils be involved?

Yes, respective State Sporting Organisations will be liaising with local councils to obtain facility details. Councils will be asked to provider information that clubs are unable to answer.

What happens if my club uses multiple venues, do I need to audit all of these facilities?

Yes, if your club is the primary allocated club/user at each venue then you will need to audit each facility.

Do I need to audit venues where my club holds training sessions and weekend competition rounds?

Yes, you will need to audit all football facility venues, if your club is the primary user.

How long will the audit take?

Approximately 30 minutes for a venue that has 1 pitch and amenities building.

What do I do if my login details do not work?

Contact the NSW Facilities & Advocacy Unit on 1300 213 771 or

Can I complete the audit in multiple sittings?

Yes, you can log in and out of the system multiple times until you submit the audit.

Can I complete the audit at home?

Yes, you can complete sections of the audit at home.

Where can I find out further information about audit?

If you have any further questions or queries, you can contact the NSW Facilities & Advocacy Unit on 1300 213 771 or Jas Virdee